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    Instant Web Publishing limitations



      Instant Web Publishing limitations


      I am preparing a database for rollout across multiple offices in our group, and unfortunately, one of the offices is not yet on the same network, so they will not be able to utilize the full benefits of FMP10, just the IWP version.  I know they cannot export results to Excel or PDF, but there are some other small issues I am wondering about.  I am trying to simplify the interface so users do not have to rely on the sidebar that is built into the IWP interface, but not all have worked.  For example, my simple "Sort Records" button does nothing, but the "Sort Records" button in the sidebar calls up the dialog box.  I'm also having trouble with some script triggers.  In the desktop version, users can go to the "Find Firm" layout, which automatically switches to Find mode on load and then switches to the "Details" layout to display the results.  I cannot replicate this same transition in the IWP version.  Am I doing something wrong or are these limitations just part of IWP?

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          I may not be the right person to advise you on IWP, but allow me to suggest the reading of the Help on script triggers and in particular the following note:


          Scripts that are run by script triggers use existing privileges. Unless a script is defined to run with full privileges, the script runs using the user’s privileges.
          In Instant Web Publishing and Custom Web Publishing, script triggers can only be activated by a script and not by direct user interaction. For example, if a user tabs into a field that has an OnObjectEnter script trigger, the trigger will not activate. If a script step causes focus to move into that field, the script trigger will activate.


          On the other hand, the scriptmaker has a drop down field on the bottom left corner that allows to select the type of script steps available and not available for each of the, let's say, platforms = IWP, Server and Client.


          Also, some scripts may not work for users that do not have full access privileges.


          It seems that you have many issues. It would be helpful if you could isolate them and be more specific about each one.



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            Sorting records with the default dialog box isn't supported in IWP.


            When you're editing a script, go down to the bottom left, and under Show Compatibility select Web Publishing.


            When you have a script step of Sort Records you'll see it shows 'NOT COMPATIBLE' unless 'Perform without dialog' is checked.