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Instant Web Publishing limitations

Question asked by trialuser1111 on May 7, 2009
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Instant Web Publishing limitations


I am preparing a database for rollout across multiple offices in our group, and unfortunately, one of the offices is not yet on the same network, so they will not be able to utilize the full benefits of FMP10, just the IWP version.  I know they cannot export results to Excel or PDF, but there are some other small issues I am wondering about.  I am trying to simplify the interface so users do not have to rely on the sidebar that is built into the IWP interface, but not all have worked.  For example, my simple "Sort Records" button does nothing, but the "Sort Records" button in the sidebar calls up the dialog box.  I'm also having trouble with some script triggers.  In the desktop version, users can go to the "Find Firm" layout, which automatically switches to Find mode on load and then switches to the "Details" layout to display the results.  I cannot replicate this same transition in the IWP version.  Am I doing something wrong or are these limitations just part of IWP?