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instant web publishing log in without log in screen

Question asked by BobAdam on Feb 3, 2009
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instant web publishing log in without log in screen


fmp 10


I know I can set guest log in with instant web privlages and remove this privlage from all other accounts and skip the account / password screen from the web. this works fine. But a help document says yo can re log in once on the web to a user with more privlages such as an admin user. But I can't us any account that does not have instant web privlages selected. and if any other account has instant web privlages selected I can't bypass the log in screen. Is there any way out of this catch 22. The text from the help document is below.


I would like a log in without password with low access and have the ability to trigger a admin access log in once in the file. 


  • NOTE: Only the guest account can have the Instant Web Publishing privilege set.  Remove this privilege from all other enabled accounts in order to have automatic login without account login prompts. 
  • Web users are not prompted for an account name and password when opening a file. All web users will automatically log in with the Guest account and assume the Guest account privileges. You can let users change their login accounts from a web browser with the Relogin script step (for example, to switch from the Guest account to another, more full-featured account).