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    instant web publishing not show the background



      instant web publishing not show the background



      I have a DB on Filemaker 9, when i share it on web publishing, the Background Image on any form disappers.

      how can i solve this problem?.


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          Hello edycal,


           In order to troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing I have a few questions for you.


          Are you using FileMaker Pro or Server to host the file?

          What is the file type of the image you are using for your background?

          When you inserted the image to the layout, did you check the box "Insert only a reference to the file"?


          Could you take a screenshot of the database in FileMaker Pro, and then a screenshot of the web published version? I will send you a private message on how to get the screenshots to me.




          FileMaker, Inc.

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               Hi edycal,

            We received your e-mail and reviewed the two screen shots that you had sent in. In the image that is viewing the database through Instant Web Publishing, it looks as if a portion of the top and bottom of your picture are showing, but the majority of the picture is still missing. The same behavior happened to me momentarily when I added a picture from a shared network drive to my layout. I then closed the database file, reopened it, reconnected to Instant Web Publishing and reopened the database file and the picture in its entirety was displayed. When I used an image that was local to my hard drive, I was unable to reproduce this behavior.

            What I would suggest doing is creating a brand new database file to test with. Then insert a picture from your local hard drive, not from a shared folder on a network making sure not to check "Store only a reference to the file". You don't even need to add any fields. Once the image is added to your layout and can be seen displayed across multiple records, verify the behavior when looking at that test database in Instant Web Publishing.

            Please keep us posted with any updates or if you have any further questions that come to mind.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Hi Again


              I was considered your suggestion and it works, but, I do not understand why this happens.
              This problem only occurs with the main form of my database, the other forms worked well. 

              thanks for the help 

              I´m Apologies my english is not good