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    Instant Web Publishing not working



      Instant Web Publishing not working


      I have set up Instant Web Publishing for a couple databases (actually 4, if you include my tests) but nobody can access them. I can see them from my own computer, in Firefox and IE, so I don't know how to trouble shoot this. I've got Vista and I don't know if it's blocking access. I turned off the Microsoft firewall, thinking that was the problem. I've got 9.0. I first allowed just some users, but have now allowed all users including guests in an attempt to see if somebody can access it. Any troubleshooting suggestions would be greatly appreciated before I spend the money to talk to someone.

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          Thank you for your post.


          What port are you using?  The default is port 80, so others should be able to enter:


          http://<IP Address>


          If you are using a different port, like 591, which is reserved for FileMaker, Inc., then they should enter:


          http://<IP Address>:591


          Do you have any other web services running on the same computer?  What is your IP Address?  Are you sure it is a static IP Address?



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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               Thanks for responding. My IP is I called FileMaker Pro, willing to pay, but they said they couldn't help me and that I needed to talk to Comcast to make sure Port 80 wasn't occupied. At least they didn't charge me. I then "chatted" with Comcast and they thought I needed to just reset my cable modem, and they reset it on their end, and that would clear port 80. I was online chatting when they said that would fix it. Thinking that was it, I happily logged off the chat and reset my modem. Still didn't work. Then, I called - and paid - Sony and they uninstalled my virus program (McAfee and left over Norton) and turned off my Microsoft firewall. Still didn't work, though they took my money. I'm so frustrated. It really shouldn't be this hard. I can see my databases if I plug in the IP address online, so I thought it was working. But since I've told clients to check to see what I've set up for them, they can't even get the log in page. I've also moved my databases to the public folders on my computer (I have two users, myself and my boyfriend). That didn't work either.
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              As TSGal said earlier, you should double check to make sure that you are possibly using port 591. Double check your FMS Web Publishing configuration. Also are you running some sort of Web Server with that IP? If so since that deafult is Port 80 there can be a conflict.


              You never answered TSGal's question of whether or not you are using a Static IP or DHCP.



              If you end up having to use port 591. Make sure that you use port forwarding on your router to direct it the the internal IP where FMS lies.

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                It is not REALLY unusual for two or more firewalls being operational in Windows.

                Having the default firewall in windows (software based), a firewall in a router (sorta hardware based) and a firewall in Norton or Macafee (usually an internet protection rather than just antivirus) and possibly a freeware firewall of some sort.

                Trying to list all the possibilities is a thankless job. WHAT paid, expired, or freeware anti virii,spyware, malware do you have running??

                This may best be answered on sites that specialize in this sort of problem. They usually ask for a download, run and report by hijack this which shows all such software that is running...

                Not an answer, just an observation.


                ALSO: IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT to know if you are paying for a static IP address or not.

                IP addresses if not static, can change (although this is periodic and random). 

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                  I am going to move shortly, so I haven't yet upgraded to a static IP. But even though I don't currently have a static IP, it hasn't changed in the period I've been trouble shooting this, and I'm able to access the database online using the IP address. A lot of good that does me, but that's the reason I didn't realize it wasn't available to others. I know I need a static IP to have this be continually accessable. However, I talked to the FileMaker Pro person about that but he thought it might have to do with the port. The Comcast tech support thought the same thing so we reset it. The Sony tech support removed my McAfee and my Microsoft firewall and he did a more thorough uninstall of the Norton that came on my computer (I had uninstalled through the control panel, but there were still remnants on my computer). The router is the only thing I haven't looked into. The comcast tech support never mentioned that. Is that something I can check or do I need to contact them again?


                  I also want to upgrade to FMP 10.0, but I'm really concerned that I'll pay for that and the static IP and it still won't work because there's something that's blocking this that nobody I've talked to has thought of.


                  Thanks for the responses. I've been out of town, and it was nice to come back to some advice.