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Instant Web Publishing or ODBC client to MySQL server?

Question asked by davehebb on Jan 6, 2009
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Instant Web Publishing or ODBC client to MySQL server?


I'm a seriously new newbie, and I'm in way over my head here, but I'll give it a shot....


Here's what I need to do:  I have a FMP file/solution/database that I want 5 other FMP users to be able to access and edit with all the security and editing functions of FMP over the internet.  They will all have FMP 9 or 10 on their local machines.  I have a web host that allows several sub-domains and unlimited MySQL databases.  So, which is the preferred (and simplest) solution for me, who knows a fair amount of HTML and web publishing (except no PHP), but has only a basic working knowledge of FMP and knows absolutely nothing about MySQL.  Should I:


1) Use the Instant Web Publishing tool/procedure to publish my file(s) to the web?  I know that this is easiest, but will users be able to add and delete records?


2) Upload my file directly to my server using ODBC  and have users access the file using an ODBC client that will have to be installed on their local machines (whatever that means)?  If this is what I need to do, how do I upload my file?  I see lots of documentation about ACCESSING data using ODBC, but I can't figure out how I initially create the database - do I just upload raw data to MySQL tables via the ODBC client?  Does that mean that every time you access the database you are basically converting data back and forth between platforms?


Keep in mind, I'm practically clueless, but my users will be even more clueless. They will have a copy of FMP, but I assume that I will be developing solutions that are more "self-contained" with all necessary functions set up a button activated scripts.  If the web publishing tool will allow them to search, create custom reports, and add/delete records, then I guess that's the way to go - if not, I'm hoping that there is another easier way.  I can't use a host maching as a local server, because the users are too far apart geographically, so my solution must be a web-based one.  


Anyone have a clue?  I'm desperate...  Thanks in advance!