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Instant Web Publishing Problems and Backup script question.

Question asked by user14040 on Sep 4, 2011


Instant Web Publishing Problems and Backup script question.




I noticed that the Instant web publishing does not work correctly.  The drop menus does not work right.

I have a relationship setup that will only show a customers equipment by name and equipment serial number, when I use the web version it shows the relationship between the customer and equipment but when I edit a file or add a new file use the dropdown menu to choose the equipment it shows the correct equipment but when I select it , it does not display in the field, it only shows in the dropdown menu.  Works fine on the Desktop and Ipad.

I thought web publishing was suppose to be full function  like FilemakerGo what you see on desktop is what you see on the web.



Backup Script Question. 


I have 2 backup scripts one set to backup after every 5 exit of the file, and the other will backup when the button is pressed.  I have the scripts set at [Run script with full access privileges] if someone in the office is accessing the file remotely from their desktop will the script still run when that person closes Filemaker?  

Also it does not seem the script works using FilemakerGo, if I am logged in remotely using FMGO shouldnt the backup

script work if I press the Manual Backup button from FMGO?  


How do I edit the Web Publishing Look, where are the html files located?


As always

Thanks for your help..