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Instant Web Publishing script issue and anonymous login

Question asked by gregcaine on Aug 9, 2011
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Instant Web Publishing script issue and anonymous login


I am trying to get a basic FileMaker database web-enabled. I removed the Status Area from displaying using a script with OnLayoutEnter. I can not get the additional script items on the initial search form to work with Internet Web Publishing. The layout is set to the member table. The member table has a relationship to the Global table. The layout uses the global member field to search for members by name [Global::G_MName;""]. The script works perfectly in FileMaker. WIth Internet Web Publishing, the script will NOT clear the field. Alternatively,  I added a button to the layout to test the script outside the OnLayoutEnter. When clicked, the button does NOT clear the field. What do I do differently?

Also, what how does a web-based user log DIRECTLY into filemaker database. Is this done anonymously. If so, is there a sample of how the FileMaker database should be set-up.