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Instant Web Publishing vs. Autocomplete

Question asked by GlennT on Nov 22, 2008
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Instant Web Publishing vs. Autocomplete


Two questions, actually - both related to Application UI functionality that I'd like in IWP.


  1. Autocomplete with web interface?
  2. Viewing related fields after the key field has been tabbed out of?

The first is pretty obvious - Can I get AJAX-style autocomplete in the FMP web interface?

For the second... I have a database with several tables.  One is the main table, and the others are related by simple joins.  I have a layout that has:

Using IWP, I'd like KeyField to autocomplete, and I'd like that, when I tab out of KeyField, ::Detail_1 and ::Detail_2 get displayed with the related values.


The existing FMP 9.0 behavior is actually even worse:  if you just fill in KeyField, submitting the record will *erase* ::Detail_1 and ::Detail_2 in the related table.  (Yes, I know why it happens, but that doesn't make it a good thing.)

Is there any way to get this sort of smooth, seamless behavior from FileMaker Pro - or FMP Advanced, Server, etc.?