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Instant web publishing will not start (Mac)

Question asked by jwilson on Nov 15, 2013


Instant web publishing will not start (Mac)


     I am trying to get instant web publishing running and it will not start up.  When I try to turn it on via File/Sharing/Instant Web Publishing I get a couple of minutes of beachball followed by the error message "Filemaker cannot share files over the Web because Instant Web Publishing could not be started"

     I have repaired disk permissions; tried to get IWP going from an administrator account; tried several different databases; looked for the web.prefs file (which I can't find) in case it had become corrupted.

     Any hints?  Has anyone managed to get IWP going under Maveriks?



     FMP: 12 advanced

     Mac OS: 10.9

     Macbook pro 2.9ghz/8gb/i7