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Instant Web Publishing with v11 and Snow Leopard

Question asked by rjs on May 3, 2010
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Instant Web Publishing with v11 and Snow Leopard




Anyone out there having any luck using Filemaker Pro v11 IWP with Snow Leopard (10.6.3)? Trying various methods with no success. Get the message that IWP cannot be started. Here is what I have tried:


  • confirmed extended privledges were on for IWP (admin, data entry, and read only)
  • Added new users with admin privledge to the system (OS X) to see if it was unique to a particular user
  • Tried with and without OS X firewall enabled
  • Tried to enable IWP with and without a database (.fp7) file open
  • Looked for a web preferences file to delete, but the folder in which that file resides never got created in the FileMaker 11 folder

I should mention that the same problem occurred in FMP9 on Leopard and Snow Leopard. IWP did work on a computer running 10.4.x under FMP9.


I removed all preference files and the FMP9 folder and reinstalled FMP11. Still no luck. The only reason for purchasing the upgrade to v11 was to try and get IWP working under Snow Leopard.


What does seem to turn on is the Filemaker Pro sharing (where each computer needs a copy of FMP). Anyone else experiencing this sort of issue? Are there some files lurking on the hard drive from v9 that should be deleted?