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    Instant Web Publishing, custom home page



      Instant Web Publishing, custom home page


      Using IWP, I see how to make a custom home page named iwp_home.html.  From there I put a link to the IWP database:


      which takes the user to the FM log in page.


      Is there a way to customize that log in page?  In particular, some users should log in as "guest" and some using an account, and I would like that selection to take place on the custom home page.


      Alternatively, I'm looking for a way to have people log in via an html form and then pass that information over to FM.  Is there a way to do that?  


      I'm using FileMaker Pro 9.

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          To clarify what I actually want, I'm running a university orchestra (as a volunteer) and using FM Pro 9 for the database of players and potential players (about 300 people at any one time).  There is a table with a record for each person, with some fields that the person should fill in and update (current contact info, whether they'd like to play this term, etc.)   So I want each person to be able to access the database using Instant Web Publishing to alter their own record.  Once they have a FM account, this is fine, but creating new accounts is giving me trouble.  Right now, people log in as a guest and are given a layout where they enter a new userid and password.  Then I use a script to create their account and do a re-login.  I dislike that the password shows in the clear, and would prefer the look of an html form. A custom dialog box (which allows password characters) would be fine, but that doesn't work with Instant Web Publishing. 


          I begin to realize that FM Server with php would do a nice job of this, but we can't afford that. I'm not afraid of trying php, ODBC, AppleScript, . . . I don't have experience with any of them, but I can ask for help locally.


          Suggestions would be appreciated.