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Instant Web Publishing- Can't connect within intranet

Question asked by GregChapman on Oct 14, 2011
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Instant Web Publishing- Can't connect within intranet



Am attempting to provide a basic layout for users within our network to add data online and then have it added to the database.  I'm thinking iwp is the way to go?

I have configured iwp as per the basic directions as well as viewing the many iwp forum messages but am unable to connect to the database from another machine on the network.

I've installed FMP 11 (trial version) on my MBP running 10.6.8.  I manually entered a static address in the network preference settings on the Macbook Pro. I have my database open and am able to start iwp with the standard port of :80. (one interesting note- when I specify the TCP/IP port as something else i.e. 591...the changes aren't saved), so I've been using port :80?

I select the open database and allow "all users".  However, when I go to another computer on the same network and type the url of the static ip address specified in the iwp setup nothing shows up.

We are behind a Sonicwall (do I need to have port 80 forwarded to my laptop?)

We also have a macmini server (am wanting to try iwp on the laptop before trying on server?).  So maybe that has something to do with it as well?

I appreciate any ideas, suggestions and thank you in advance for taking time out of your day.