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insulating a web shared file

Question asked by mgores on Jun 6, 2011


insulating a web shared file


I am thinking about setting up a web page that allows customers to see the status of work being done on thier jobs.  There are 4 different depts in our company and I have already set up a table (mastertrack) in our quoting DB that has all of the individual job information from all 4 departments.  I would like to have a separate filemaker file (status) that we share on the web that has portals to the mastertrack table allowing the customer to see some of the fields for their jobs, while not allowing access to the original file/table.

I believe I have the security worked out using user name and password global fields, with a calculation field that is username & password.  This pwcalc field is related to the pwcalc field in the mastertrack table for the portal relationships.  I have set up a tab control with each tab having different portals giving different sort options.

This seems to work fine locally (on our network), but when I turn on the IWP and try to access the DB through a browser.  It will not allow guest access to get to the layout for entering the username and password.  When I log in using my info, the portals can't access the mastertrack table from the other file.  I did a search here and saw some reference that suggest that the IWP won't be able to access a table in another file.  So..........  would I have to create a table in my status DB with an import script to keep it updated?  or is there an easier way?