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    Integrating Barcode Scanning into Inventory System



      Integrating Barcode Scanning into Inventory System




      I am relatively new to FileMaker.  We are using FileMaker Pro 10 on a PC running Windows XP (although it will eventually be transferred to a Windows Vista computer) and attempting to create an inventory system that integrates barcode scanning.  Ideally, we would like create a system similar to a library system where we would scan a user's card, thus triggering their account to open.  We would then proceed to scan individual items to "check-out" to that user in their account.  We would to be able to see what has been checked out to individual users as well as be able to see what is and is not available within the entire inventory.  


      We were wondering is this is possible and, if so, what the best way of going about it would be.  We have the assets numbered and entered into the database.  The barcodes are based off of the asset ID number in our database.  Do we need to download and install any sort of plug in to get the barcodes to scan and be entered into FileMaker?


      Thank you all so much for your assistance.  Any information would be helpful and greatly appreciated.     

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             It is absolutely possible.  Scanning is just another form of input.  Generally you would have your scanner configured to append a tab character to the input.  I have done scanning since version 5. 
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            Most barcode scanners operate in keyboard emulation mode which means your computer percieves the scanned data just as though a user and typed in the data. You can consider the barcode as text that has been formatted in a font your scanner can read but you can't.


            Thus, you can simply place the cursor in a filemaker field and scan your bar code. If you want to trigger filemaker to do something immediatedly after the scan, you can program most scanners to append a "postamble" character to the end of the scanned data that can be a tab, enter or return character. In filemaker 10, you can use any one of these characters to trigger an OnObjectExit script trigger on your field. With older versions of Filemaker, you can use the Enter character as your postamble and use it to continue a paused script to process the scanned data.


            For more on the subject, use the advanced search link above and search for threads on the subject, using barcode as your key word.