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Integrating Filemaker Pro with Dreamweaver

Question asked by llpeters on Dec 22, 2012
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Integrating Filemaker Pro with Dreamweaver


     First, I am not a programmer so please forgive my lack of experience here. I have a database that I built and run in Filemaker Pro 12. It integrates my clients with various jobs that they perform at locations around the country. When they have gigs, a record gets generated with the date and all the details. I also use Dreamweaver CS3 for listing the public info for these engagements. It would be great if I could link the two so that when a record is created in my database, my website is updated with all of the relevant info. Right now I export from Filemaker and import into Dreamweaver manually and basically rebuild the table in Dreamweaver every time I do this. Its much too time consuming. I am guessing the solution has something to do with MySQL which I have absolutely no experience with. Also, I run OS X 10.7.5. Any help? Thanks!