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Integrating Non-Profit Client Database w/ Budget?

Question asked by kopiikat on Sep 28, 2009
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Integrating Non-Profit Client Database w/ Budget?


I am a new user of FileMaker Pro, and am currently using the 30 day trial of 10.0v3 on Windows XP Pro.  I have no previous database experience and very limited programming experience.  I would like to have a working multi-fuction database at the end of the trial so that I can present it to the directors and hopefully purchase the software.


I am a non-profit employee.  Currently, the process of helping a client is very time-intensive, and the same data is being crunched over and over again unnecessarily. 


I have already been successful and creating a client database that I can share with my social worker, but I am stuck on how I can use FileMaker to keep track of our balances (in approximately 20 different funds) automatically.  Here's an example:

A client is being assisted with $150.  $100 is being paid out of FundABC and $50 is being paid out of FundDEF.  Both funds have a starting balance of $1000.  On my input sheet, I have the following fields for each client: check#1 (#00001), date1 (9/28/09), check1amount ($100), fund1 (FundABC), check#2 (#00002), date2 (9/28/09), check2amount ($50), fund2 (FundDEF).


How can I do the following?


If fund1 or fund2 = FundABC, I would like to add this client's data to a list of FundABC recipients and subtract $100 from the FundABC balance, keeping a running total.


If I can't do this directly in FileMaker, can I somehow integrate it with Excel?

Thank you so much for all of your help in advance, and I hope I will be able to convince my supervisor to purchase FileMaker for us.