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Integration of digital library- viewing documents remotely/marking documents "read"

Question asked by JackGregory on Sep 8, 2011
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Integration of digital library- viewing documents remotely/marking documents "read"


HI- I'm completely new to Filemaker/database design. I'm wondering to what extent it's possible to use Filemaker as an ipso-facto online library. I see that the "starter" options include some decent asset management and library support functions, including being able to link to and download documents.

I'm specifically looking for two mechanisms- for users to be able to log in for the purpose of individually noting what documents/files they've personally read (personal data available only to that specific user. I guess this would effectively be a subsidiary database) and then also being able to read documents remotely (rather than download and create duplicate copies).

The project involves creating an (online-accessable) library of a huge number of reference documents (70,000+) that are themselves pretty cross-referential. So it's important that individual users can keep track of what they've each personally viewed. And since the library is effectively a digital content library of graphics-based content, duplication of documents is not desirable. Ideally, the source documents are only viewed, rather than duplicated in order to be viewed.

I should probably clarify- the option to mark a document as having been "read" would be only reflected for that same user. Only that single user would see the updated change. For any other users, the document in question would remain marked as "unread".

Any thoughts? If anything I'd be hugely appreciative for simple solutions to marking things "read" or "unread" on a user-by-user basis

Thanks much!