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    Integration with E-prescribing



      Integration with E-prescribing


      Does anyone have any experience with integrating medical e-prescribing (surescripts, eRx, etc) with filemaker?  



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          Google "e-prescribing filemaker"


          Link #4

          ComChart EMR is licensed at $2,000 per provider per year, including electronic prescribing. Some ancillary software (one copy of Filemaker Pro for each client computer and one copy of Filemaker Server for your server computer) is also required.

          Link #6
          http://www.aafp.org/fpm/2005/0200/p31.html  (an OLD List of apps)

          Cottage_Med, http://mtdata.com/~drred/

          Free but requires FileMaker Pro

          Customizable; will work on PC, Linux or Macintosh platforms.


          Download FileMaker Pro demo from the Web.

          Stefan Topolski, MD


          ComChart, http://www.comchart.com

          $500 for single user version (one computer)

          Will work on PC and Macintosh platforms; runs with included version of FileMaker Pro; network capable.


          Yes; download from the Web.

          Hayward Zwerling, MD

          Link #7

          Stefan Topolski, a Massachusetts doctor, has created an open source EMR system to run with FileMaker. The flexible, ruggedly dependable, and HIPAA-secure medical office electronic medical records (EMR) system called Cottage Med includes secure and wireless networking, PDA, and multiple-office support, prescription writing and cross-platform compatibility built in. The solution is free and includes support and training, though Topolski asks for a donation. Designed for PC, Apple, and Linux environments, these EMR templates run with the database program FileMaker, significantly reducing the costs related to office management and billing. On average it takes medical office staff one hour to learn the system.

          Link #10

          Electronic Prescriptions

          If the free EMR system does not include an electronic prescription option, there is a free electronic prescribing service provided by the National ePrescribing Patient Safety Initiative (NEPSI).3 If the EMR system does include electronic prescriptions, it is still worthwhile to register for the web-based electronic prescription service provided by NEPSI and Allscripts. The goal of NEPSI is to reduce medication error by providing both electronically-generated prescriptions and transmission over the Internet to pharmacies, via the Surescripts network.

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            Hi James - 

            Similar to credit card transaction processing, there's an industry-wide standard and a network (surescripts.com) implementing it, and there are gateway companies (http://www.surescripts.com/connect-to-surescripts/prescriber-software/search.aspx) selling access to their Surescripts certified interface. With a web viewer object you can place a gateway interface inside your FM application and pre-populate it with patient & medication data via http request. Once the prescription posts to their system, follow-up tracking is available as a webservice. (If you haven't seen FM Nexus' web services plugin, you might want to take a look: http://www.beezwax.net/products/wsp). Cutting the gateway providers out is an option for larger budgets and longer timelines: several people in the industry have told me to expect costs well into $xxx,xxx and 6-8 months time for independent Surescripts certification.

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              I would be interested in the webviewer, but is it difficult to "scrape" information out of the viewer?  Another option I am considering is utilizing a HL7 interface (such as MIRTH) to place data into a filemaker database, but I have limitied experience with this.



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                Take a look at GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( objectName ; "content" ): this will return the HTML behind a page in a webviewer, and you can sometimes parse what you need. 

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                  FileMaker has a number of text functions such as Position, left, right, middle, getvalue, that can help you construct an expression to parse the text from the web viewer. If you have FileMaker advanced, you can also search sites that list custom funcitons for FileMaker and find custom funcitons that may help make this easier to do.