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Interactive Mode?

Question asked by disabled_morkus on Nov 3, 2011
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Interactive Mode?


I have a database established, but need to be able to just run a bunch of queries to play with the data.

In all my other server databases (and client databases like dBase and Foxpro), there's an "interactive mode" where I can run queries directly against the database.

Perhaps in FMP, this is an "expert mode" or something I can't seem to find.

So, how do I interact directly with the data? As I see it currently, I have to put a field on a form and define something. That approach is cool for an end user but not for a "DBA" who needs to dig into the data and work with it. I need this ability to quickly interact (via queries, etc.) with the data or FMP a no-go for me I guess.

Thanks in advance for help on this.


P.S. I also noticed that the JDBC support seems only for other applications connecting "TO" FMP, not where FMP can connect to other applications (like Oracle) as a client. Correct? Thanks again.