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Interactive statistics on layout

Question asked by RickRobbins on Nov 13, 2014


Interactive statistics on layout


Hi, I am struggling with the following requirement:

  • I have a layout in which I would like to provide statistics on orders
  • The statistics are base on fields that the users populate, for example, they could enter a month and year in a "variable" and when the hit enter a script will run that will then display in another variable on the layout the number of orders for that month and the average amount. Another option is that they have a drop-down list for state which would then calculate the orders for that state and the average amount, etc.

I just can't figure out an easy way to do this.  I don't want to add unnecessary fields to the DB or create a separate table as I don't need to store this information but I would like it to be interactive.  

Any ideas on how I can do this????

Many thanks in advance.