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    Interdependent dropdown lists?



      Interdependent dropdown lists?


      Hi everyone,

      I am relatively new to filemaker, still trying to get used to the differences to "regular" relational database systems. I have the following problem (using FM11):

      There is a customer table. A second table contains projects, each associated with a certain customer. Every Project now consists of different milestones (table 3). Finally, milestones comprise numerous tasks (table 4).

      I have created a report based on the milestones table. Every milestone is displayed along with a portal showing all of its tasks. This works flawlessly.

      However, I'm looking for a way to show only milestones that belong to a certain project. In the header section, I have a dropdown list for customers, and one for projects. If the customer selects CustomerA from dropdown list1, then I need dropdown list 2 to show only projects related to that customer. When the user then selects one of those projects from dropdown list 2, I want the layout to update so that only related milestones for that project are shown.

      Do I need to perform a find on the layout that is induced by some sort of script step, or will some sort of "magic" relationship fix this?

      Thanks for any help!



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          Do a search for conditional value list and you should come across many examples.

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            thanks, mr_Vodka.

            conditional value lists were indeed the key to the dropdown problem. However, the actual problem still persists:
            Assuming I am looking at a list of milestones from ProjectB. I now want to show only Milestones from ProjectA, so I select ProjectA from the dropdown menu.
            What actually happens is that ProjectB is renamed to "ProjectA" or whatever I choose from the dropdown. In other words, selecting an item from the dropdown doesn't update the layout with only corresponding milestones, but assignes the currently active milestone to the selected project. Any ideas?

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              I think that there are two seperate issues here. The first one was the conditional value list which you now have.


              The second issue is that you seem to want like to FIND a certain project record. You would want to use some global fields in that case to allow your user to enter in their criteria ( can also use the value lists ) which does not affect the data in the fields. Then you can have a script trigger based on modification of that field which would perform the find ( query ).

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                that is exactly what I want to do. :) But how exactly would I make a control that shows a value list, but is not associated with the currently selected record? I've tried placing a field with empty "Display Data From" that shows a value list, but FM won't let me do that.

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                  Use a global field. This is a field option you can select on the storage tab of this dialog. (Double click the field in Manage | Database | Fields)