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Interdependent dropdown lists?

Question asked by jonasg on Apr 25, 2010
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Interdependent dropdown lists?


Hi everyone,

I am relatively new to filemaker, still trying to get used to the differences to "regular" relational database systems. I have the following problem (using FM11):

There is a customer table. A second table contains projects, each associated with a certain customer. Every Project now consists of different milestones (table 3). Finally, milestones comprise numerous tasks (table 4).

I have created a report based on the milestones table. Every milestone is displayed along with a portal showing all of its tasks. This works flawlessly.

However, I'm looking for a way to show only milestones that belong to a certain project. In the header section, I have a dropdown list for customers, and one for projects. If the customer selects CustomerA from dropdown list1, then I need dropdown list 2 to show only projects related to that customer. When the user then selects one of those projects from dropdown list 2, I want the layout to update so that only related milestones for that project are shown.

Do I need to perform a find on the layout that is induced by some sort of script step, or will some sort of "magic" relationship fix this?

Thanks for any help!