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Interested in your thoughts on design of Database

Question asked by MJWebster on Jan 5, 2011
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Interested in your thoughts on design of Database



I would be interested in your thoughts... I am halfway through photographing the enrolment forms (about 150,000... it doesn't sound too many if you say it really quickly!) of men who served in the Colonial Regiments during the Boer War. There will be about 50,000 records.

The 50,000 records will be spread across 80-100 regiments.

Is it better to have just the one major database? or should I have a database on each regiment?.. this is just for my interest, its not for any commerial use, but it will be useful if anyone is researching their family history.

I would of course like to be able to search all the records etc, I tend to think therefore that it would be better to have the one major databse, but would be very interested in what people think.

Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.... Malcolm  (running 11Pro, on Mac OS 10.6.5)