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Interesting Question I cannot answer fmp12

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Jun 27, 2012
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Interesting Question I cannot answer fmp12


OK, it's fairly well established that Filemaker 12 scrolls slower, etc. but yet to make it into the consciousness of many people that updating OS software and Filemaker Software to the latest version immediately upon shipping isn't a good idea nor is it a good idea with ANY other brand of database software, etc. 

This occured to me and may be classified as one of those late night thoughts that fail to make the muster over coffee...

What about Virus and Internet protection software and Wi-Fi protecting software?

Could there be a hidden culprit there that may not like the new HTML or whatever it is and tries to analyze every bite of data that gets created, saved, transmitted or whatever?

I tried to turn off Norton to test this but can't find out how short of an uninstall or wipe and reinstall everything but Norton. So, has anyone tested the new 12 on a new computer with the new OS but with NO virus or Firewall or etc. software? 24+ years of computer consulting and I can't turn off Norton...what a wimp...