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    Interesting Summary Screen Solution needed...



      Interesting Summary Screen Solution needed...


      I have a screen that shows numbers of records generated by month and by year, that also breaks out by quarter and full fiscal year. 

      Right now, i have individual portals that pull related records based on that specific month, on the entire table of records.

      I would like to speed up the generation of this report, as well as to introduce a hover feature using a popover that allows the user to see the breakdown of salespeople assigned to each record in a portal or list view (in the popover).

      Is there another way around this to make it "faster" for load time and for the generation of this information?

      We are on FM 13, operating on a remote hosting solution.

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          You'd need to use a script to capture and store the summary values into individual fields/records so that your portal displays a number field instead of a summary field that calculates "on display" on your layout. This also requires careful thought to make sure that any changes to your data result in your script running to update the data.

          What you show is nearly identical to a set up I've used for years (originally set up in FileMaker 3). In the case where I did this, the data is not modified after close of business of the day the record was originally created so I could use a script that runs every evening to generate the summarized data in a table used for the grid of one row portals used on such a layout. The original records that are the source of this data represent over a million records so calculating the totals (and averages in the case of my report), greatly reduces the number of calculations needed and the report pops up nearly instantly.

          You won't be able to open a popover "on hover" unless there is a plug in that adds that capability, but mouse click can open your popover or you might use a tool tip to show such data.