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Interface problem / Bug

Question asked by gcon on Dec 28, 2009
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Interface problem / Bug


I've encountered what seems to be an incredibly annoying interface bug.


Here's the scenario:


I have a 15" MacBook Pro that travels with me between work and home. At both locations I use a 24" secondary monitor connected to my MBP. Typically when I open filemaker on my laptop, I then drag the database window over to my larger 24" secondary monitor.


If I quit filemaker properly I have no problems. However, sometimes I'm in a rush or just not thinking straight and disconnect the secondary monitor before quitting filemaker. When that happens, OSX automatically switches everything that was open in your secondary monitor, to the screen of the laptop. The problem is that when it switches the database over to the main laptop screen, the bar at the top with the controls for window size/placement extend beyond the upper limit of the screen, and thus I'm unable to click the top bar to drag and resize the window (see attached pic). 


If i'm near one of my big monitors, it's not a problem since I can just re-attach and the top bar becomes visible again. However if I decide to open the database when i'm not at either location with a secondary monitor, the database is basically unusable until I get back to a larger monitor.  


Is there a way to move a window's placement if the top bar is obscured or extended beyond the page layout?