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Intermittent click / drag issues

Question asked by AshleyWard on Feb 20, 2013
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Intermittent click / drag issues


I have FMP 11.0v4, running on OS X 10.8.2. I'm experiencing a problem where FMP intermittently goes into a state with the following issues. I don't know what causes the problems to start. Usually I only encounter this perhaps once a fortnight, but today I've had this 4 times for some reason.

  •           Browse mode: drop-down menus don't close when I click on an entry: I have to press return to close the menu.
  •           Layout mode: when option-dragging an object to copy it, I see the green plus indicating the copy, but when I release the mouse, the object is moved, not copied.
  •           Layout mode: the "object grids" feature doesn't work. When I add a new field, or drag an existing object around, I can place it with pixel precision, rather than the more usual snap-to-6px-grid behaviour. (This issue, combined with the previous one, make creating an aligned layout a painful process.)


     I think that these issues all occur together. (Not entirely sure as I've only just started to get systematic about investigating it.) The issues occur in multiple database files. Restarting FMP doesn't fix it. The only way I've found to clear the issues is to log out and back in again.


     Has anyone else seen these problems? Any suggestions?