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    Intermittently missing data



      Intermittently missing data


      I'll try to explain this as best I can but here's what we have; FM9 advanced DB running off server on a Windows 2003 server.


      Over the past month or so every day data that is supposed to show up in a lookup field does not appear to do the lookup.  The field is left blank.  Note that this is only on a small amount of records not all records.  And its kinda random.  Not always the same records but sometimes it is.  Sometimes its one or two or up to 20 or so at times.


      It's basically a "Customer"  name field that gets filled by matching the "Customer ID".  For years this worked flawlessly.  Now, not so much!  If you simply go into the record with a blank "Customer" (The customer's name) field and select the "Customer ID" (a drop down field) and select the correct one it refills in just fine and looks normal.  ... until the next day!  Then it may or may not be blank again!  ...or maybe 5 days later it goes blank... or not!


      I wrote a one-line script that does a relookup on the Customer ID field and when I run that it "back-fills" in everything missing.  However,  that's a bit clunky and it would seem unecessary to do.  It will error if a record is in use, for example. 


      I hope I've explained this without sounding too bad.  Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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          A few thoughts...


          Maybe an indexing problem with one of the fields in the database. you may try importing the data into a clean clone, this will recreate all the indexing and may solve the issue. (if this works, check everything, run recover on the files, see if there is an underling issue, if there is, start looking for the last known good backup)


          Could any of the security groups prevent a user from doing this reliably?


          Could this be a Record locking issue (more than one person trying to use the record at once, if in a script with error capture on, you would not see it)


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            Thanks for the reply.  I'll give these a try.  The first suggestion seems to fit the symptoms pretty well.  This will take a while though;  50+ folks use this series of databases daily so I'll have to figure out a weekend to get in here!  Thanks again.