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Internal Date Representation

Question asked by abridge683 on Mar 22, 2010
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Internal Date Representation


I'm using FMP 11.0 on Mac OS X 10.6.2.


I have a series of tables loaded from three different spread sheets. All three tables have date fields. As luck would have it NONE of the date fields are formatted in the same way! (groan).


I'd like to use ISO format: YYYY.MM.DD.


When I look at the basic table view for each table, the one created by FMP, I see each of the different date formats.


I know I can make another layout and have my cannonical data field format applied. But it raises the issue of how dates are really stored in FMP. I assume, from how the program behaves, that the original format that is either entered or imported is the one that is maintained internally. But I don't know this. I had always sort of assumed that the dates would be stored as binary objects but that's clearly not the case.


So, Is there a way to change the basic table-view display so all my layouts have the same date format? It would be a huge pain to have to go back and modify all the records in their original programs and then re-import them into fresh tables.


Thank you.