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Internal Record Order

Question asked by CountryBoy1 on Jan 15, 2012
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Internal Record Order


   When a record is deleted (that has a certain Index number)
and then a new record is created later that uses the same
Index number, Filemaker (for Show All Records) will always
show the new record in the order that it was added, not in it's
serial Index position.

    I have tried many scemes, including using Recover, but
any new arrangement of the data (for Show All Records) will
always show the previously deleted record in it's creation order
and not in its serial Index position.

    This is mainly an aesthetic thing with me.  I can always
have my "Show All" script include Sort by Index to get the
Index order shown in serial order.

    Is there somehow an internal record order can be reset ?

    Thanks for your help.