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International Decimal Separator Format Bug?

Question asked by IJ on Mar 5, 2014


International Decimal Separator Format Bug?


     That database was created in my computer configured in Portuguese. I exported the db to a host service for WebDirect and FilerMaker Go access to find out that "." (dots) weren't working as decimal separators. Only "," (comas) would work.

     Than I reset my computer to English and carefully checked every decimal field in the table and layout to be in English and to have decimal separator as "." (dots). WebDirect and FileMaker Go access now needed decimal separators to be entered/typed as "," (comas) but would show "." (dots) after typing and exiting the field!

     Next I imported the db from the hosting service back to my computer to see if there was a synchronization problem just to find out that tables and layout were set properly but needing "," to be typed and show "." instead !!

     I attached 3 print screens. The first picture shows the field in edit layout, the second entering "," (coma) as decimal separator, and the last one showing "." (dot) after leaving the field, for your review.

     Could someone help me to find a fix for that problem?