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    Internet Access



      Internet Access



      Im just evaluating the product and really like what I see so far. But I want other people within the company to access the database on my MAC from PCS via the open internet.. ie other locations.

      Can this be done in Filemaker Pro?



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          Yes, They can use FileMaker Pro and Open Remote... to connect to the file or there's an option called Instant Web Publishing (IWP) that permits access via a web browser.

          Either approach requires some extra work setting up port forwarding through your internet router. IWP eliminates the need for your other users to purchase FileMaker Pro, but provides a much more limited user interface and you have to make sure none of your scripts use steps that are incompatible with web publishing.

          FileMaker offers a 30 day free trial copy. If you haven't already, download it and give it a whirl. You'll be able to experiment with both forms of access using your trial copies to get an idea on what's required.