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    Interoperability of FMPro10Adv and FMPro11Adv



      Interoperability of FMPro10Adv and FMPro11Adv


      I'm using FM Pro 10 Advanced for my project.  I was investigating the cost of upgrading to FM Pro 11 Advanced, but found that I can get a full version of FM Pro 11 Advanced for just a few dollars more (through where my wife works) than the upgrade through Amazon.  It has to be the full version as they don't have the upgrade software.

      If I get a new full FM11, I would then put FM10 on my laptop.  My question concerns the interoperability of my database as I work on it in FM11 and then open it in FM10.  I searched the Knowledge Base in support, and it said that FM7 through FM11 should all be interoperable.

      But, what if I made changes in the database on my laptop in FM 10 and then opened the database in FM 11?  Would that be a problem?

      I'm sure that some of the wizards on this forum have investigated this already.


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          No major problems as long as you don't implement a feature new with FileMaker 11 and expect it to work from FileMaker 10.

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            This has a version table with some of the new features.


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              After upgrading to FMPA 11 I've made so many design changes that I've actually set things so my solutions won't run on any version less than 11. I know some would say that's not wise, but there are so many differences (merge variables for example) that don't work on previous versions, but are so useful, that I feel it's a worthwhile gambit. Besides, I'm not a pro developer. I run my business using my solution and anyone who works for/with me will have access to FMP 11 so it's not a big deal. I recommend FMP 11 without reservation.


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                Phil:  I'm going to have to do some more searching in FM11 to see if there's any new features that I might use that's not in FM10, but my database is really not that complicated in scripting or things like that.  It's only complicated for me in the number of reports that I'm setting up plus having it run in basically a Kiosk mode so that the user does not have access to file menus.  My target users are relatively unsophisticated computer users and so I'm trying to make it so that they won't even know that FM is the underlying software.  Thanks.

                David:  I hadn't thought of looking at Wikipedia.  I did find a similar table in the Knowledge Base, though.  Thanks.

                Rick:  I hate to admit it, but I don't even know what a merge variable is!  My solution does no calculations, only recording and documenting essentially text entries and then displaying them in various report formats to track inspection activities.  Thanks.

                However with all the glowing reports of FM11, I think I will just get the new version and use that.

                Again, thanks for all the thoughtful replies.