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Interoperability of FMPro10Adv and FMPro11Adv

Question asked by LeoB on Feb 3, 2011
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Interoperability of FMPro10Adv and FMPro11Adv


I'm using FM Pro 10 Advanced for my project.  I was investigating the cost of upgrading to FM Pro 11 Advanced, but found that I can get a full version of FM Pro 11 Advanced for just a few dollars more (through where my wife works) than the upgrade through Amazon.  It has to be the full version as they don't have the upgrade software.

If I get a new full FM11, I would then put FM10 on my laptop.  My question concerns the interoperability of my database as I work on it in FM11 and then open it in FM10.  I searched the Knowledge Base in support, and it said that FM7 through FM11 should all be interoperable.

But, what if I made changes in the database on my laptop in FM 10 and then opened the database in FM 11?  Would that be a problem?

I'm sure that some of the wizards on this forum have investigated this already.