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    Interpreting Unicode Characters



      Interpreting Unicode Characters


      I am importing information from an Oracle database, part of which is the title of a scientific program.  Lots of scientists who enter this information like to type in the unicode character for a symbol (like PI, but it can be anything) using a string such as "−"  The problem is that wihen I import the title I get the − and not the symbol.  Does anyone have an elegent method of searching a text string for unicode and replacing the &#whatever; with the symbol?


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          I would guess your chances of success are dependent upon how consistently the characters have been input.  Are they always between &# and ; ?  Are the &# characters only ever used as the prefix for a Unicode character?  Can you reliably predict how many characters after a &# would be the unicode?

          ...because the Char() function will return the character for you.