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Interrelating FileMaker and ArcGIS databases

Question asked by tmorosco on Jul 1, 2015
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Interrelating FileMaker and ArcGIS databases


I am investigating interrelating the databases Plant Information Records System (PIRS) in FileMaker and Public Garden Data Model in ArcGIS.  I am from the botanical world and design databases on a simplified level, so please bear with me!  

See for a copy of the FileMaker PIRS database.

For an example of how we'd like these databases to interrelate, (and this is an over-simplified version) in both ArcGIS and FileMaker, we have a field which lists a plants status as alive or dead.  We often would like to update just one source to correct a plant's status in the garden.  This alters both the ArcGIS and the FileMaker databases, through just one update, probably in FileMaker Pro is my guess.  We'd also like to inter-relate other fields, possibly data layers in GIS, and perhaps display one database's information in the other database, but we'll tackle them later.

I imagine fields can be updated through ODBC, or by an SQL statement, since they both support these functions.  Ideally it would be via SQL.  I hope this will provide a portal between the two systems, and each update the others table whenever the need arises.

From what I understand, this should be possible.  If for some reason we can't get the two databases talking directly with each other, perhaps inter-relating the two with a back-end SQL database is a possibility?  We may try to build a web-portal from FileMaker to a ArcGIS web-viewer, but we have to get the ArcGIS web-server, it is kinda kludgey, and does not update both tables.

If anyone knows a method how this can be accomplished, please let me know!  Or recommendations on where I can post to the correct forum. 

And please let me know if I am not making any sense or I am garbling the language.  I am known for both. ;-)