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Intro and Function Question

Question asked by WillEvans on Oct 7, 2014
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Intro and Function Question


Hi Everyone,

First off I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a FM beginner and have recently completed the beginner course on Lynda. It taught me a fair amount, but I feel like the only way I'm really going to learn is to get my hands dirty actually trying to create something. The main reason I'm learning FM is to help a colleague out on our company's FM database. He has built it, it's working well, but I'm hoping to add some features and reduce his FM workload. 

My first question is about a calculation field. In our database, we have a script that takes the user to particular records in a layout, based on a find function that looks for text in a field where the user's name is written. To perform this script, the user must click on a button. I would like to have a calculation field below this button that gives a number of how many times the user's name is written elsewhere in the database. Basically a number for how many tasks the user has outstanding. 

What function can I use to display this number? I was thinking a COUNT function but how do I write it so that it looks for particular text within a related field? 

Any help much appreciated.