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      Introduction & First Newbie Question


           Hi all,

           I just came on board with a small manufacturing company that uses FileMaker Pro 9 as their quoting, order entry and ERP system.  I'm brand new to FileMaker, but have experience with a few other CRMs and ERP systems so I have a pretty good idea of what I'd like to be able to do down the road. Eventually I'm hoping to have the ability to build reports/queries, etc.

           But in the short term, I'm wondering if there is a way to find the raw data the FileMaker is referenceing (maybe in .dbo format?) so that I can create some simple MS Access queries. In previous roles, I was able to link to the raw data from the ERP system to run reports in Access, so I'm far more familiar with Access it this point.

           My goal is to show my management what such reports can bring to the organization so they'll give me permission to head up a project to revamp the way we use FileMaker; and create the reporting functionality within Filemaker - something we're not doing now.

           Is there a way to determine where this data is form within FileMaker?  What file extension(s) should I be looking for?

           Thanks and appologies if my newbie question is way off.


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               You might try setting up an ODBC connection between MS Access and FileMaker, but creating reports in FileMaker is very easy to do in most cases--though you don't base them on SQL queries so you have to use a different "tool box" than you are used to in Access where everything sits on top of a SQL query expression.

               You can also export data from FileMaker into excel, tab or csv files if you want to export some data to use for demo purposes And you can select a "Table View" on any layout and use the Modify button to add additional fields as a way to inspect the data in that layout's underlying table.

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                 Although FMP 9 is powerful, the newest FMP 12 will be all you need to accomplish your future visions.  I would avoid mixing applications, since FMP provides all reporting and queries tools needed.


                 To answer your question,  you can Export FMP records to most standard formats.


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                   Outstanding, thank you gentlemen!

                   Interestingly, it appears as I begin to poke around in FileMaker (at least what I currently have access to), that I am limitted to a set of predefined screens, and within them, only some fields.  I'm guessing this may be as much for political reasons (small company) as for technical reasons. 

                   If I'm able to show some value in the reports I want to create, I hope to be given permission to have full access so I can create new tools with the FileMaker environment.  But until then, I'm stuck with a MS Access work-around I fear.

                   Thanks again!

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                     One thought to help "impress" the powers that be.....

                     Create a duplicate of the FMP 9 database and have them give your full permissions.  This could remain "isolated" and no interferance while you learn to impress them and move them to the next step.  Then when they go "wow", final test your version and import the current data into your new version.

                     Since FMP12 was a major leap forward into 64 bit database plus web, iPad, iPhone, etc. use it takes them into the 20' teens.  FMP 8 has been dropped from FMP direct technical support.  It is a matter of time before the "hammer drops" on FMP 9.  Be prepared.cool