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    introduction and pictures question



      introduction and pictures question


           Hello everyone, my name is ivan and i've been a user of filemaker for quite a while now, but only at user level, now i want to develop a DB of a card collection i have and from the beginning i thought filemaker would be the easiest solution.

           i have some experience with SQL but i'm no expert...

           So the question at hand is this, i want each card to have its own picture, adding it for myself is actually quite simple, but being my collection of thousands of cards it would be very tedious to do it one by one, so i've been searching for a method so filemaker can retrieve the picture from google, i found the web viewer but is not what i'm looking for.

           so what i want is, when i look for a card filemaker goes to google does a search on the name of the card, selects the first one and gives back ONLY the image which is displayed on canvas to the right of the screen.

           is this possible?? thank you very much for your help :)

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               Can you explain why the "web viewer is not what you are looking for"? It seems made to order for this purpose.

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                 of course, 

                 maybe i didn't quite explained myself when i said the web viewer is not what i'm looking for...

                 the web viewer gives me the result in form of a website and i need the result as a single picture...

                 so when i look for a picture in google i need only the first image and not the whole website...


                 maybe i can do it with the web viewer but i have no idea on which commands to use so i get the result i need


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                   I can't give you the precise details on how your database would interact with the web to find it in the first place--might take some manual intervention, but a web viewer can display just the picture if a URL to that image file on the web site can be developed and placed in a text field that is then used in the URL expression for that web viewer.

                   I don't see a way that you can do this without using the web viewer, however, unless you download the image file and insert them into a container field instead of finding them on the web.

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                     Here is a sample app using a webviewer.  Like PhilModJunk stated above you will need to know the url to the image.


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                       thank you for the information, it seems that the web viewer is what i need, but i still have no idea on how to make it look for the image...

                       my idea is that i will need some sort of code that will do that for me... but i have no idea on what to look for or how to start...

                       i mean, there must be a way that google gives me only the link of the first image the search returns... but i don't even know where to strar looking...


                       S Chamblee, nice demo, how did you put those height and width buttons there??


                       thank you very much for everything

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                         html code adjusts the height & width of the image in the web viewer.  Filenames and Paths are so random on the internet I wouldn't know how to have it automatically search the internet then insert the picture.  It would take some time but the only way I know would be to google the image you want then copy the url and paste it to the url field. (from example app)  Which is still faster than saving the picture to a file then inserting the picture into a container also it save space on your local drive because the images is out on the web.

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                           If you are pulling the images all from the same web site, you might get lucky and discover a predictable pattern to the URL for that image that you can use to calculate the URL to the image.

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                             PhilModJunk, i hadn't thought of that i have actually found a website where i can calculate the URL.  :)


                             S Chamblee, thanks for the tip, i didn't knew i could use HTML on the website viewer, thats really really helpful :D


                             thank you both for your help now i will be back with more questions (filemaker is extremely easy but extremely powerful as well) thank you again :)