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introduction and pictures question

Question asked by ivanfernandez on Dec 5, 2012
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introduction and pictures question


     Hello everyone, my name is ivan and i've been a user of filemaker for quite a while now, but only at user level, now i want to develop a DB of a card collection i have and from the beginning i thought filemaker would be the easiest solution.

     i have some experience with SQL but i'm no expert...

     So the question at hand is this, i want each card to have its own picture, adding it for myself is actually quite simple, but being my collection of thousands of cards it would be very tedious to do it one by one, so i've been searching for a method so filemaker can retrieve the picture from google, i found the web viewer but is not what i'm looking for.

     so what i want is, when i look for a card filemaker goes to google does a search on the name of the card, selects the first one and gives back ONLY the image which is displayed on canvas to the right of the screen.

     is this possible?? thank you very much for your help :)