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Invalid Relationship

Question asked by MonaButler_1 on Apr 11, 2013


Invalid Relationship


     I am tracking Students, the Subject they are taking, and the Acccommodations that they will receive when taking the test.


     Tables: Students, TestToTake, Accommodations

     Field in Accommodations is concatenated ID - Subject - AccNum

     Fields in TestToTake are concatenated ID - Subject - "RA" if receiving the "Read All" accommodation - Yes or No,  and about 10 others

     In a Layout it is showing the student ID - student name - name of test - and then a listing of ALL of the accommodations with a checkmark under the accommodations that they receive. THIS IS WORKING!!!


     What is NOT working is when I do a find it says the relationship is invalid. Please give me SOMETHING to look for as I have NO CLUE WHERE TO EVEN start!!! Thanks gurus!!!!