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Invalid Search Criteria

Question asked by bumper on Nov 11, 2009
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Invalid Search Criteria


FMPA 10.0v3 (also tested with same results on FMPSA 9)

OS X 10.4.11.


In find mode if I enter any of the following operators <, ≤, > or ≥ (either from the native Status Toolbar drop down menu or type them in manually) and and click out of the field the following message pops up:


"This field contains invalid find criteria. Allow this invalid value? [Revert Field] [No] [Yes]"


If you click Yes you can go back to the field and finish typing in your criteria, if you have previously accepted one of the "invalid operators" and select revert then that previously invalid operator is now accepted.


There is no error number and set error capture on does not block the dialog message.


If you start typing immediately then the offending criteria is accepted. 


All other find operators are accepted without question.


All of the above was done in a plain vanilla Starter Solution. 


However, I am having the same problem in a custom solution, using a scripted find to sans the Status Toolbar, and a drop-down value list to mimic FMP's native process and selecting an operator causes the invalid message to pop up even though the cursor is staying in the original field. I have tried several combinations of field/control behavior to no avail. "Go to next object with" are all unchecked.


Needless to say this "feature" is ruining my user's experience. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.