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Question asked by DavidDicken on Mar 31, 2014
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     So I'm creating a  a database that has a inventory layout with 11 categories; cat. 1 electronics, cat 2 fittings mechanical, cat 3 sundry, etc. My issue I have run into here is each category has its own numbering. The only different identifying number is the cat number. so i could have a part number 3-5125 and a 1-5125 the prefix is  the category. I currently have two fields named Category Number and Part number. The goal here is to have the user create a new record and enter the category number and have FMP13 issue the part number as I can't have duplicate numbers in the same category. Each category has around 5000 parts. I tried the serial number and add 1 that doesn't identify separate categories. .How can I get FMP 13 to issue the number?

     I was thinking something like this

     If ( inventory::Category Number: = 1; Inventory Part Number + 1) that didn't seem to work though 

     thanks in advance