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Inventory Backorder

Question asked by frank929rr on Apr 26, 2012
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Inventory Backorder


Hi.  I'm builiding a solution that sells a product.  When more product is ordered than is in invetory, the user is prompted to either ship the partial and move the remaining to a seperate "backorder" invoice, or make the entire ordered amount a "backorder" invoice.  I'm using a script to execute, but it's kind of clunky.  For example, when there are 2 products that need to be moved entirely to "backorder", I'm left with an original invoice with no line items, and 2 seperate backorders.  The products are only billed for once they are shipped.  Are there any examples of solutions that I would be able to view? Any suggestions?  I'm sure I need to give more info, but I'm new at this, so please ask if you need more info.  Thanks.