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Inventory by lots

Question asked by JustinBitner on Feb 10, 2012
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Inventory by lots


I'm of moderate fmp skill, designed about 10 solutions for my own business's but this ones driving me crazy.


I am trying to make an inventory database that will allow me to view by lot. I purchase large quantities of items by the pallete, up to 150 items per pallet. So while I need to keep track of every individual item, how much it sold for and what shipping was, I want to be able to look at the overall lot and see my profit margins for that purchase.


In addition I want to have my most frequently purchased items per entered for a pull down (hundreds of items) so that it streamlines my estimation process.I understand I'm going to have to make separate tables and then link them together but that's been a bit over my head (novice coder).


Any suggestions, know of any templates that have this functionality?  



**** I'm just using numbers spreadsheets and grouping the cells together but I would MUCH rather be using fmp. i have uploaded a screen shot, as you can seel i have a "band lot in blue" with the subtotals for all the expense, revinue, ebay fee, paypal fee, shi cost and then proffit. Then each item is itemized under neith. Then you see another blue bar with another lot below, rinse wash repeat.

The database would display the same info however i would be able to view it as im showing here, lot by lot so i can see the overall picture of my purchase, but then easrch ALL dj hero 2 cases for example and see what each one sold for across multiple lots. This would give me a good idea of how the item sells over time