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Inventory by lots

Question asked by juliorosell on Mar 6, 2014
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Inventory by lots


     Hey guys!  I'm working on an inventory DB  and I've learned quite a lot so far.  Hopefully you can help me out on this.

     My database is set up with purchase order table linked to line-items table which in turn is linked to the SALES table. The products table is also linked to the line items table. I'm keeping all the calculations (QTY SOLD, Summaries etc.) within the Line-Items table

     My issue is that FM is not recognizing or differentiating between lot-product-qty (sold or purchased).  If I buy a product (purchase order layout by lot number) it adds this amount to the product and does not create an entry for this item by lot number. i.e

     Purchase order:

     Lot# 3455M

Product                 QTY purchased         Total

     Yellow Tail                       25                       100

     I created a list report by lot number and it creates it nicely stating the above, but my problem comes if I create a second purchase order for the same product with different  LOT #.  FM just  adds the amount to the 25cs  bought in lot 3455M.

     Same thing happens when I enter an invoice it just subtracts the amount from the product total and it is not subtracting from the lot/product line.  It is not taking into consideration that they are two different things even though they have the same description.

     MY report looks something like this:


     LOT                     Product               In_stock

     3545M            Yellow Tail               25

     1254M            Yellow Tail               25


     Hope I'm explaining myself clearly and that you guys can help me out.  I'm about to give up on this, although I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

     Thanks in advance