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Inventory Categories

Question asked by jmyers.svt on Jul 22, 2015
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Inventory Categories


Hello everyone. Im fairly new to FM. I am currently setting up a work order system for our technicians to use and am working on Inventory for the products we sell. I am in need of being able to have multiple subcategories as follows...



The list will for the most part look like that. Not all products will have that many categories to fall into but thats the overall goal that is trying to be accomplished. What is the best way to do this both in the relational database side and the layout side? When setting up the item, I would like them to select the correct categories that is needed to it falls in line correctly, but also when selecting the item on the work order, I was thinking of using a popover to show the categories and sort by the categories to show the products in each category so it could be added to the work order.


If this has already been answered somewhere, please feel free to point me in that direction. Thanks for the help