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    Inventory check in check out (help)



      Inventory check in check out (help)



      I"m am new to FM and im trying to create a data base for my company that would track inventory

      i would like to check items in and check them out and have Fm refelct what is left in inventory

      is that possable ?

      Like i said im new to FM so any help would be great


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          Can you describe what you are doing in more detail?

          A key detail here is whether you have one record for every item in inventory, (Items are identified with a serial number tag--possibly with a barcode to scan them in and out so that you know who has and is responsible for each specific item), or have one record for each type of item in inventory (You don't care who has powerdrill #1234, you just need to know that 2 power drills are checked out and 1 is remaining).

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            i dont care who has what drill

            i would just llike to show amount in stock amount that has been rented and what is left in stock so i dont over rent any thing

            i was wondering also if i can modify one of the template that come with Fm inventory?

            Thnnks again hope this makes sense

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              If you were tracking individual items by serial number, you might try modifying the lending library template. I'm suprised you don't want to track who has each specific piece of equipment. While not needed to maintain inventory levels, it would help you know who last was responsible for the equipment--which might be useful if you discover hidden damage to it after it was returned.

              To track inventory changes, you can set up an Inventory Log that functions much like a checkbook register where each item returned is logged like a "deposit" and each item loaned is logged much like a "withdrawel" or "check". A running balance will then tell you how much you have on hand at the moment and also let you see how your inventory levels change over time--which may help you make decisions on whether to add more equipment or to dispose of seldom used equipment.

              Define at least the following fields in your table:

              TransActionDate, ItemTypeID, Transaction Desc, ItemIn , ItemOut, cBal (ItemIn - ItemOut), sBalance (Summary, Running total of cBal).

              ItemTypeID would preferrably be the ID number to identify the equipment type and would link to an equipment table where you have one record for each type of equipment.

              sBalance would be set up with the "Restart value when grouped by ItemTypeID" so that you get separate counts for each item in your log.

              Transaction Desc would be a text field where you document the type of transaction that's producing an inventory change. (Item could be rented, newly acquired, sent out for repair, sold, lost, stolen, etc.)

              This data could then be displayed on a list or table view layout and sorted by ItemTypeID then by Date to show you your inventory changes and level. If you set up the equipment table I mentioned, it's also possible to add a calculation field in this table that computes the Sum of cBal via a relationship to show you your current inventory on each item--which can give you a line by line inventory count on each item you rent out.

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                what my company does is rent trade show equipment ( tables,chairs and electrical)

                i would like to be able to rent out equipment to the shows and track items per show

                tracking items individually would be great

                like i said earlier im new with FM


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                  The above method works whether or not you log items in and out individually. You might even log electrical equipment by serial number but not chairs and it still works.

                  You'd need another table to set up a "rental invoice" to each customer where you'd list items and quantities in a portal. That portal can be to the above mentioned inventory log. That gives you one record for each customer in the invoices table, but you still have a record of how your inventory is changing in the inventory log table.

                  "like i said earlier im new with FM"

                  This is a pretty major project for a "newbie" to tackle. Be prepared to invest some time in learning about FileMaker and Databases. We'll be glad to help here, but training tutorials and/or books on Filemaker would be a very wise investment on your part so as to more effectively get up to speed.

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                    Thank you

                    i appreciated your time and knowledge