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Inventory control with scanner

Question asked by Rudy21 on Feb 8, 2009
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Inventory control with scanner


Hello everyone.  I am very new to FileMaker Pro and I have a question for a project I am working on.  I own a dental office and would like to organize my inventory.  We use a lot of different materials that if not controlled, can lead to a waste of money.  Also, I would like to streamline the ordering process.  Here are my thoughts:

I would like to assign a barcode to every item we use.  This could be on a paper with the items picture beside it.

As the items are received from our supplier, we could scan them into the database.  The scanner would add "1" to our inventory for each scan.

Each time we take the item from our supply cupboard, we could scan it and it would decrease the inventory by "1".

At a predefined re-order number, a script could be launched to automatically send an email/fax to re-order the material.


How easy or hard is this to do?  I have no programming experience.  I would appreciate any guidance.

Thank you all in advance,