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    Inventory Database



      Inventory Database


      Good afternoon,


      I am fairly new to using FileMaker and I need a inventory database to keep track of all my companies equipment. I want it to be able to keep track of purchase dates, service contract renewal dates, repairs among other things. I do not want to have to create this database and would like to purchase one that is ready to go. Do any of you have a recommendation? 

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          Have you investigated the Inventory starter solution that comes with FileMaker? Does it meet your needs?

          Please note that FileMaker is primarly a tool for creating your own database solutions--either from a blank page or by customizing an existing file such as one of these starter solutions.

          That said, you may find a ready made solution offered for sale that meets your needs. You can click the solutions button at the top of the screen to see what is currently offered here on this site and you can web search for solutions offered from other sources.