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Inventory Database file

Question asked by hewor on May 19, 2010
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Inventory Database file


I am using file maker pro 7 on MAC OS 10.6.3


I have an invoicing database in which I have each record with 

units, item number and then16 total repetitions per invoice, as well as other irrelevant field.


I would like to create a script I can run in which when an order is inputted into an invoice, the item number and number of units will subtract from my inventory database.

The inventory database is arranged so that each record is a different product and has the fields for item number, last aquisition number of units, units sold, and total product.


I created a script that runs generally:

if item number = x

set field inventory:products sold ; units sold + quantity


And this seems to work, only I can't do this for more than one item number, or even multiple orders of the same item number in a single invoice so this is obviously misguided, not to mention I will have to repeat this script for several hundred Item numbers.


What other script or similar method can I use to subtract the units for only that specific item number in that invoice from the units available on that specific item number in the inventory file? Thanks.