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Inventory Database question

Question asked by JDen2775 on Nov 6, 2008
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Inventory Database question


I have been asked to take over the mess of a design of an Inventory Database here at work.  Basically what is needed is records of what was ordered from who, how much, and re-order levels (conditional formatting I guess)


What would be ideal, would be to click on an "Order" button and have 7 categories pop up, then click on one of those and 100-300 items would show up on a drop-down list.  Also, another button for Vendors, that when hit would show in a list I guess, all our vendor information and contacts. 


Currently we have 7-8 tables including "bridging" tables which I am no pro, but I dont even think are necessary, and the layout is a mess.  There are no shortcuts, no buttons.  I am thinking about starting from scratch.


Any advice?  New to Filemaker, some Access experience


Thank you!