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    Inventory DB issues...



      Inventory DB issues...


      Hello,  I'm new to database's and I'm currently trying to build a database that can manage contacts and equipment.  This equipment is loaned to these contacts. I would like a form that shows the contact info and what equipment is currently loaned to them. I would like it to subtract from the equipment inventory when this item is assigned so I know what I have on hand as well as when they return the item the inventory returns to original number. (Think of it like renting video's to a customer I guess) 


      So... I assume to accomplish this I need to make 2 tables one for contacts and one for equipment these items will be relational. How can I connect these two tables to obtain the above goal? Any examples/input that can get me started in the right direction would be appreciated! Thanks..

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          I envision a Contact (ToLoanTo) database or table

          Another table or db Equipment (EquipToLoan)

          Another table or db OnLoan


          Contact would have a unique ContactID field (automatic serial number when created)

          Equipment would have a unique EquipID field (automatic serial number when created)

          OnLoan would have at least two - ContactID field and EqupID field that would be filled in and link Contact and Equipment to the OnLoan database record.

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               You might also want to search this forum using the key words "Inventory Log". We've had several discussions here on a method where you'd log items in and out of inventory using a "check register" like layout where items are added and removed much like you would log "deposits" and "withdrawels".